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The cultural connotation of chess.26 2024-04

The cultural connotation of chess.

Several of the biggest chess games in the world (Go, Chinese chess, chess, Zhiqi) are related to the political system of the country. The political system that chess reflects is the ...
Domino's main function.26 2024-04

Domino's main function.

Dominoes are a culture. It originated in China and has a history of thousands of years. The long development process gives it a unique educational function.
Mahjong game play.26 2024-04

Mahjong game play.

After washing evenly, each yard 36 cards, two cards on top of each other for a pier, each for 18 piers, and yards into a card wall placed in front of their own door, four people card wall connected to each other into a square.
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