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Mahjong game play.


Turn the card upside down so that it faces down. Players rub the cards with both hands so that the cards move evenly and disordered, which is called "shuffling".

Code Cards:

After washing evenly, each yard 36 cards, two cards on top of each other for a pier, each for 18 piers, and yards into a card wall placed in front of their own door, four people card wall connected to each other into a square.

Draw Cards:

In national standard mahjong, the dealer rolls the dice, and the sum of the two dice is the base of the opening card. With the dealer as the first, count the points in counterclockwise order, and the position of the points is the wall of the opening card. Counting from right to left to the same trick as the number of points, the dealer starts to grab the next two tricks, the next house then grabs cards in clockwise order until each person grabs a total of 12 cards three times, and then the dealer jumps (one trick apart) to grab the top two cards, and the others grab one each. The dealer has a total of 14 cards and everyone else has 13 cards.

Card management, license examination, flower repair:

Sort the cards in your hand, arrange them neatly, and examine the card potential. If there is a flower card in the hand, the dealer will first make up the flower, that is, take a card from the end of the card wall. The other three make up the flowers one by one, and if the flowers are made up back, they will be made up after the end of the round.


Playing cards is the process of playing cards. Starting with the dealer playing the first card, the process includes catching, playing, eating, touching, opening (open, dark), and filling until the sum or the drought.

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