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Domino's main function.

Dominoes are a culture. It originated in China and has a history of thousands of years. The long development process gives it a unique educational function. When the card is played, the dominoes will fall again and again due to accidents, and the participants will always face and suffer the blow of failure. Encounter setbacks not discouraged, not retreat, to establish confidence, pluck up courage, again. Only after countless such experiences can people become mature and eventually succeed.

Dominoes need to be laid down one by one, which not only tests the participant's physical strength, endurance and willpower, but also fosters the participant's intelligence, imagination and creativity. Domino is a set of hands, brains in one of the sport, can cultivate people's creative ability, enhance self-confidence, taste elegant entertainment activities, and is not limited by time and place, to develop participants' intelligence, creativity and imagination, to train participants' hands-on ability, thinking ability are very good, more importantly, it can cultivate participants' will, Maximize team spirit.

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